We take the intensive coding bootcamp model easily found in Chicago, San Francisco, New York and other large urban areas and ask: Why can't this work in Galesburg? The model has been validated and shown to be superior to alternatives such as MOOCs and self-directed learning. Completion of these programs has been shown to greatly increase the economic prospects of its students and empower them to create companies, innovate, and participate in the modern economy.

The power of education is well documented, but this type of education is especially powerful in that it has its own legs. The skills we provide have a very high multiplier for economic development and innovation and do not require students to leave and pursue economic opportunity elsewhere. Local businesses can now work with local residents for new websites, applications, and software solutions. Local teachers have the technical knowledge to pass down to their students in traditional educational institutions. Local governments and nonprofits can tap into local technical talent to increase transparency, efficiency, and availability. By creating a critical mass of technical talent in areas where it is currently lacking, we can raise the quality of life and create a more robust local economy.

If you believe that citizens in communities of all sizes should have access to quality, relevant, technical education, please consider supporting our mission financially via our Donate Page.