Upgrade your technical skills and get paid for it.

We're looking for ten people from Knox County, IL over the age of 16 that are interested in learning the fundamentals of web development. Our 2022 Talent Drive program is designed to increase the number of technically-talented entrepreneurs and software engineers in the region. Ten applicants will be chosen to complete a self-driven online learning track under the supervision of Main Street Codes staff and volunteers.

Program Details

Students will be assigned an online learning track and are free to complete each module at their own pace, although there is a deadline to complete all work by August 1st, 2022. Support will be provided to students when they get stuck or have questions, but this program is largely self-driven and requires persistence, patience, and problem solving.


Upon completion of this program, you will have built the foundation for continued learning in software engineering and web development.


This learning track is mostly self-driven, hence the monetary reward, but you will by no means be alone in your learning journey. You will have access to MSC support volunteers via email, live chat, and an online learning management system.


Completion Reward

All students will receive $500 upon successful completion of this learning track.


Additional Rewards

An additional $500 will go to the student who contributed the most to his/her peers' learning (voted on by peers). The student with the best capstone project (voted on by MSC staff and volunteers) will receive an additional $1000.


Students will learn foundational HTML, CSS, and Ruby on Rails skills required to build a functional, relational database-backed website.

Future Work

Main Street Codes will help connect successful students with area businesses, nonprofits, and organization in need of new websites or software solutions.

Coworking Space

All accepted students will be given access to the Main Street Codes coworking space at 341 E Main St for three months, starting on May 3rd.


By completing this program, students will join a community of technically-talented entrepreneurs that will drive economic growth in the region for years to come.

Program Timeline

Rewards for Learning

Work hard. Learn. Get paid.

We're experimenting with offering our students a direct financial incentive to motivate their learning. Apply now to reserve your spot.


$ 500
  • Complete all online learning modules

  • Complete all assigned projects

  • Complete a final capstone project


Best Project

$ 1000
  • Create a databased-backed web app

  • Polish your design

  • Solve a problem for yourself or a local business

  • Push your project live to production

  • Vote on the best project from your cohort

Most Helpful

$ 500
  • Help another student solve a problem.

  • Provide heplful feedback or suggestions to other projects

  • Be available to your peers via Slack or the online classroom.

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