Modern, technical education for the heartland.

Main Street Codes is a coding school and coworking space located in Galesburg, Illinois. Our goal is to create a critical mass of technical talent that can work remotely, create companies, and drive innovation in the region for decades to come. We connect students to cutting-edge learning resources and provide support, mentorship, and tutoring as they progress along this journey. Once students meet a minimum level of proficiency, we source and manage paid software development projects to give them a chance to develop their skills and build a portfolio for future employment.

Learning Cohorts

Whether you're looking for a new career or just new skills, we help connect you to learning resources for coding skills that are actually in-demand. We help students, teachers, journalists, administrators, entrepreneurs, and everyone inbetween do their job more efficiently. Do you have a business or app idea that you'd love to build? Check out our learning page and let us know you're interested.


Do you work remotely or have a small team? Become a member of our coworking space and enjoy access to a stylish, collaborative, and energetic community. You'll have unlimited access to the space anytime outside of class and events, with internet, power, and coffee free-of-charge. Learn more about coworking page and then get in touch.

Workshops & Events

Do you know a young person who might be interested in a hands-on robotics workshop? Are you citizen who wants to learn more about an emerging technology? Check out our workshops for more information. Employers and educators: are you looking for a place to host your next seminar or event? Contact us at and let's get something on the calendar.